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March 23rd 2008
Small update. Anyone who wanted to have a listen to the out of print First Demo can do so now by going into the audio downloads section.

January 20th 2008
A real update.
If you head over to the audio downloads you'll fine a few new things up. Firstly, a Total Rock session, featuring 3 MD tracks, a Black flag cover and one unreleased song (without vocals.) Then as you are viewing your download options, notice there's another download option for 'Unreleased songs' where you will find 3 songs for you to download. Again, there are no vocals to go with these tracks.


June 12th 2007
An update. An archive of milliondead.com is now available, you probably already saw the option. If not you can click here and be taken to it. There are things missing, unfortunately the last updates to it are missing. If you've got a copy of them, get in contact.

October 7th 2006
Downloads Working
All downloads should be working again, if not let me know. Depending on how much strain and bandwith will be used, they should stay up unless there is an extreme amount of excess downloading.

It's been over a year since Million Dead's split and there isn't much new to report on the band. No ideas about the DVD unfortunately.

Frank is poised to release his debut album in January. The Quiet Kill are poised to release and EP a little later this year. Palehorse may release something new sometime as well, but no rough dates on that.

Frank Turner website.
The Quiet Kill myspace page.
Palehorse myspace page.

September 4th 2006
Another slow update.
Currently a lot of downloads may be down. I'll have to look into getting them back up for whoever might still be interested or hadn't got them. The hosting company decided to merge with another and I just looked at the packages they offered as a 'replacement' to what I had prior to the merger. Needless to say, its not worth taking them up on their 'revised' hosting plans which are a joke.

No new info on the DVD, still looking/waiting to be released.

Frank is currently working on his first full length release which is slated for an early (January) 2007 release.

Tom and Julz's band The Quiet Kill is starting to take shape, they have found a singer and are currently doing a bit of touring. An ep is planned to be released later in the year.

Ben may be out of action for a little bit but will surely be back playing soon.

Links to related sites
Frank Turner website.
The Quiet Kill myspace page.
Palehorse myspace page.
May 13th 2006
I suppose there should be at least a periodic update, it has been a long time. On the Million Dead forefront, things are pretty quiet. Keep checking for the ever elusive DVD. The aim is to have it released at some point, I unfortunately don't know when, hopefully a little later in the year. The good news is the clips I have seen from the Underworld show were looking pretty damn good.

Some of the downloads may have been or may be down currently, they're being worked on and should shortly be up again. Hosting services can be fun sometimes.

Frank has been about and around. He's poised to release his debut EP on Monday the 15th so get out and find a copy. More dates later on in the year if you misssed him on his recent tour.

Tom and Julz are still working on their project with Rich (drummer). Hopes of touring later in the years are on the cards.

Ben can be found drumming in Palehorse and possibly some other bands.

November 25th
An update. For those that do not know Frank has been going around solo doing acoustic shows. He also has a site at www.frank-turner.com where you can check out where he will be playing and hear some songs.

On the Million Dead front, all indications point towards the DVD still coming out, Check stores perhaps in January (a projected date, subject to some change of course.) In the meantime I'm sure some of you would like to see the video for To Whom It May Concern. A QuickTime version of it can be downloaded from right here (rick click save as or crtrl click and save source.)
September 12th
All goodthings must come to an end. Unfortunately for us that good thing is the main focus of this site. After 245 shows (to date and more to come) Million Dead will be parting ways after the forthcoming September tour. Very sad news indeed. I hope that all of you can and will be able to catch one of the shows and bid the band farewell.

It's been a fun journey.

September 6th
Vote for 'To Whom It May Concern' on the MTV2 NME chart right now. Click here to vote.

The Lock Up - Last weeks Lock UP show broadcast 3 live Million Dead tracks from Leeds, if anyone has a decent recording (not from the real media stream) of the show please get in contact.

July 22nd
Most media/download files are back up. Some are still offline, but they should hopefully be online soon.
July 18th
New gig dates announced! This is for the September tour, which will be their last UK tour this year.
-September 14th - Exeter Cavern
-September 15th - Oxford Zodiac
-September 16th - Bristol Louisiana
-September 17th - Nottingham Rock City
-September 18th - Glasgow Barfly
-September 19th - Manchester Roadhouse
-September 20th - Birmingham Bar Academy
-September 22nd - London Underworld
-September 23rd - Southampton Joiners

July 13th
Vote for Million Dead in the Kerrang awards. Head over to kerrangawards.com and cast your vote(s). You can vote for Million Dead in the following categories (with examples):

- Best Single - Living The Dream - Million Dead
- Best Live Band - Million Dead
- Best Album - Harmony No Harmony - Million Dead
- Best British Band - Million Dead
- Best Band On The Planet - Million Dead

June 20th
So an update. New(ish) site here. It's not all complete but there's updated stuff. Check the downloads a few more links to things that had been missing on here. Updated discography (sort out image issues soon). After the Rush Hour, video in the downloas bit too.

If you didn't already know Million Dead have been added as the main support act for Finch on their UK tour. Dates can be found at milliondead.com or in the dates bit on here.

Hopefully get around to sorting out any issues within the next week, if you see something wrong feel free to email in about it.

Interested in some samples etc.. off Harmony No Harmony? Check out purevolume or myspace to have a listen.

May 16th
'Harmony No Harmony' is out now! Head over to over to your favorite record store now or click here to find a list of places to order it online.

You can vote for 'After The Rush Hour' on the NME chart. Head over the MTV2europe.com or click here to vote. Make it reach the top 10 and stay there.

May 9th
'After The Rush Hour' is available for digital download now! Purchase it from the following shops online:

- Playlouder (£0.99)
- Karma Download (£0.89 + £0.30 handling fee if bought only)
- iTunes (£0.79)

Bitrate for mp3 from Playlouder and Karma is set at 256kbps vbr (high or highest setting) and is around 7mb in size. Happy downloading.

May 3rd
It seems all the emailing helped. Million Dead have been announced to play the Carling Festival this year. They will be apperaing on the Lock Up Stage (formerly Concrete Jungle) at both Reading and Leeds.

Remember keep voting for 'After The Rush Hour' on the NME chart. Head over the MTV2europe.com or click here to vote. Make it reach the top 10 and stay there.

May 3rd
Pre-order 'Harmony No Harmony' now. Click here for a list of retailers where you can pre-order online. It's out on May 16th, so not long to go now. There's an At The Drive-In anthology out on the same day, check it out if you've got spare cash as well.

In server/video news, the server has returned to operation. I am slowly uploading the videos (and any other missing files) again so they should all be online by (if not before) the end of this week.

April 29th
Do you need an unreliable webhost who never seems to respond to your queries about what is happening to your webspace? Well then look no further than to those useless chaps at fastband.co.uk. Not only have I tried to rouse email response numerous times, but I also tried phoning only to get an answering service.

What does this mean for you? Well unfortunately most of the videos were hosted on the webspace I got from that domain. So until I either sort out the problem with the host or invest in a new one, a lot of videos will be down. Sorry about this. (The HNH documentary and two Living The Dream videos are online)

April 25th
Voting, once again. I'm sure you know what to do. head over the MTV2europe.com or click here to vote for 'After The Rush Hour' on the NME chart. It would be nice to see this reach the top spot on the chart so vote frequently.

Bad news for those attending Manchester on Wednesday, the date has apparently been cancelled. This is due to a problem at Jilly's, which is closed at the moment.

And we have another new review of 'Harmony No Harmony' available at the Music Shopper forums here.

April 14th
Check out airwavesback.com and you can read a breakdown of each song on 'Harmony No Harmony' done by Frank. There is also a review of 'Harmony No Harmony' by Ed on there as well.

April 13th
'After The Rush Hour,' is a download single due out on May 9th, check the official site for more information regarding it. The single has started to get airplay on the radio as well. You can stream it from the Lock Up page or click here to load the stream in real player, skip to about 15 minutes in and you should hear it.

April 10th
Joe's 'Harmony No Harmony' documentary is now available for download in the videos section. Enjoy.

A review of 'Harmony No Harmony' is now available at KissingJustForPractice for anyone interested.

April 6th
Updates.Check the videos section for the video of 'Living The Dream' now available. Also a live video of 'Living The Dream' is available to download. Appearing sometime soon (hopefuly) should be a downloadable version of Joe's 'Harmony No Hamony' documentary.

Good news about the server (.info) it seems to be back up and running and restored so I don't have to go about re-uploading everything again.

April 6th
Check out the dates section. Lots of new dates for the 'Harmony No Harmony' UK tour this April/May. If you have any extra information to add to these dates please feel free to email it to me.

Some files are not available, unfortunately the hosting company (.info server) is complete crap and has had downtime and seems to have lost all the files (again) I'm hoping they'll actually have a backup saved this time (unlike last time.) Good news is that I should be sorting out a new server that is more reliable and have better speeds real soon. Some new updates coming really soon as well.

March 23rd
The Lock Up session is now available for download on this very site. Visit the audio section or click here to get to the correct page. There is also a web exclusive on the Lock Up sessions page of 'Holloway Prison Blues'. It will probably appear on this site sometime soon, but feel free to visit the Lock Up sessions page to have a listen to it.

Get Million Dead to play on the Lock Up stage (formerly Concrete Jungle) at Reading this year! Email thelockup@bbc.co.uk and tell them to get Million Dead to play on the Lock Up stage.

If you haven't already pick up a copy (or more) of the spectacular new single 'Living The Dream' out now.

March 22nd
A single is not enough. So cue in a session on the Lock Up tonight on BBC Radio 1. Performing at some point during the show will be 3 songs I believe (standard Lock Up number of session tracks played). The Lock Up show starts off at 21:00GMT.

March 21st
The day is upon us, 'Living The Dream' is out now. The wait to own and hear new songs is over.

CD Single features:
1. Living The Dream
2. Sasquatch
3. Thrash Medley: School Shooting, Nazis Shouldn't Drive, Scared Fuck Up, Book Attack

7" Single features:
1. Living The Dream
2. Tonight Matthew

Purchase it at the following online retailers or in stores now;
Townsend Records

March 17th
Only a few more days to go till the release of 'Living The Dream.' If you're planning on purchasing it at your local record store be sure to go in and check that they will have some copies in stock on Monday. Released on CD single and 7" single.

Million Dead should be appearing on the Lock Up on the 22nd of this Month performing some session tracks. Keep an ear out.

Be sure to continue voting and requesting the single whereever you are.

March 4th
'Living The Dream' Million Dead's forthcoming single is available for pre-order now, it's release date is March 21st. You can find it at the following online retailers:

Townsend Records

February 24
The information regarding the Lock Up session was incorrect. The session should actually air on March 22nd, there was a mix up on the months. My apologies if you waited to hear it.

Please continue requesting to hear 'Living The Dream' on radio stations and all. Keep voting on the NME chart.

February 22nd
Million Dead will have some session tracks played on tonights Lock Up on BBC Radio 1. This is to air between 9pm and 11pm GMT. You can tune in online via the link for the Lock Up, or listen to it on the radio or DAB/Digital TV.

February 14th
Frank and Tom appeared on Bruce Dickinsons Rockshow on BBC Radio 6 on the 12th. mp3's of the interviews can be downloaded in the appropriate section. If you want to stream it from the BBC site you can use this link to directly play it in your real player. Or view the page for the BBC player and tracklisting. Skip to around 30 minutes into the program to get to the start of the segment featuring the intervews and songs played.

NME Chart (MTV2) - Remember, keep voting.

February 9th
No video on here yet, keep voting. If you didn't know Frank did an interview on The Lockup on Radio 1 last night. You can find an mp3 of it in the downloads section.

Rock Sound
NME Chart (MTV2)

February 7th
Living The Dream was played on Zane Lowe's radio show on BBC Radio 1. To listen to it go to the listen again function and sleect Monday's show. Alternatively if you want to play the show in real player click this link here. Skip along to around 53 minutes into the show and you should hear it.

Request the single to be played on the radio wherever you are. A list of email addresses can be found here, so get to requesting the single everywhere.

February 7th
The video is now getting some airplay, so keep voting. For those of you who don't get MTV2 you can hear the single played on Zane Lowe's radio show on BBC Radio 1. So this means wherever you are you should be able to hear it as the show should stream live on the internet.

February 6th
A review of the forthcoming single 'Living The Dream' is available at Kissing Just For Practice. And don't forget to keep voting.

Rock Sound
NME Chart (MTV2)

February 3rd (again)
Voting on the Rock Sound site has been going excellet, thanks to everyone who's voted so far, don't forget to continue voting on there when you can.

More voting, this time for the NME chart on MTV2. Vote as much as you can and make this video number 1 on the chart for everyone to see.

ADDED: Also vote for Million Dead on the Xtaster site for bands most likely to succeed in 2005.

February 3rd
New poll on the Rock Sound site. This is for most anticipated release of this year. Vote for Million Dead, it'll be appreciated by all who believe. A few new dates have been added to the tour, check the dates (be sure to check the official site for full up to date listings). The video for Living The Dream has not graced the airwaves yet, hopefully it will real soon.

January 29th
Vote for Million Dead on the Rock Sound site. There is a poll for who you think will be big in 2005. www.rock-sound.net. The video for "Living The Dream" should be airing on TV channels (not sure which at the moment) in the forthcoming week, so keep your eye out for it. Hopefully the video will appear on the NME voting list on the MTV2 website soon.

January 27th
Another update. Lots of dates have been added. These are for the Living The Dream tour. Living The Dream, of-course being the first single to be released from the new album (Harmony No Harmony) on the 21st of March. Check the dates to find out what is confirmed so far.

Added a scan of the Kerang article and pictures from the Living The Dream videoshoot. Have a look.

Also on We Want the Airwaves Back is an article about the video shoot aswell, which includes some more pictures.

January 26th
Some live dates are coming up. More to come when they're confimed. Ofcourse the official site should always be correct which means the dates on here may be wrong. Some dates coming up in February.

• February 18th - Guilford, The Star, with Bullet Union
• February 22nd - Sheffield Casbah (Drowned In Sound club night)
• February 23rd - Leeds Faversham (Drowned In Sound club night)
• February 24th - Manchester Bierkeller (Drowned In Sound club night)

And some dates for the forthcoming March tour can be found listed at seetickets. When they're fully confirmed etc... it'll appear on the official site. More dates to be added to this ofcourse.

Frank is also partaking in an acoustic session at Chinnery's on the forthcoming Sunday (30th) which is a Tsunami charity event.

January 11th
As you may know, the Million Dead track (BSE) was played on the Lock Up again today. You can listen to it in the BBC player by visiting the Lock Up page here or if you just want to play it in Real Player without going through the BBC player click here and it should load up in your Real Player. Skip to around 25:10 into and that's where it starts.

January 6th
Welcome to the new year. If you wish to hear a new Million Dead track check out the Lock Up page by clicking here. If you click on the play the show button and skip to around 12:45 you can hear the new song. This is an unfinished version, it still needs to be mixed/mastered. Good news is that Mike said he'd play the track again next week. The song is titled (at the moment) BSE which may change before release.