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The Rockshow - Radio 1 (May 19 2004)
With Mike Davies (usually does the lockup)

Million Dead were invited to have a chat on the Rockshow. After starting out in the pub at around 6pm they managed to make it in late that night for their time slot on the rockshow. Everything was recorded for your listening pleasure.

Part 1 3.23mb
Part 2 6.16mb
Part 3 4mb
Part 4 (Tonight) Matthew 4.16mb
Part 5 5.24mb
Part 6 2.24mb
Part 7 363kb

The band also was able to choose some tracks whilst they were there, these are the choices:

Refused - 'The Deadly Rhythm
Yourcodenameis:Milo - 'All Roads To Fault'
Led Zeppelin - 'Communication Breakdown'
Jarcrew - 'Paris and The New Math'
Million Dead - Tonight Mathew' (exclusive track, demo)